Race for the Cure brings sea of pink to downtown Phnx.

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Almost 33,000 took part in this year's race

PHOENIX - A sea of pink flooded downtown Phoenix Sunday as survivors and supporters put on their workout shoes for the 16th annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Thousands of people came together as a team in Phoenix as they sported their uniform color hoping they will be able to defeat their opponent: Breast cancer.

Denise McClean, one participant, tells 3TV, "My mom absolutely loved the race and even though she didn't win her battle against breast cancer she had hope and so many people here have hope and we at Komen continue to fight for that and to find a cure."

Each contender had their own reason to race. McClean said, "This is a tribute to my mom because she is the best person in the whole world and we just love her and we wanted everyone to know our love for my mom."

McClean's mother lost her battle to breast cancer this year. " Last year mom was in her wheelchair and she couldn't walk but right before she got to the finish line she said stop stop stopand we said 'What mom, what's the matter' and she said 'I want to walk this. I want to walk across the finish line." Today her family did just that in her honor.

"That is what this means. It's about crossing the finish line and winning the battle and in some ways maybe not in other but continuing to have hope," McClean said.

Nearly 33,000 people took part in Sunday's race, which raised more than $2 million. That money will be used towards breast cancer education, screening, and treatment projects.