So-called Suicide Lanes in debate at City Hall

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Fate of reverse traffic lanes unknown

PHOENIX -- Central Phoenix residents and commuters packed City Hall today to sound off on reverse traffic lanes along 7th street and avenue.

The lanes that some refer to as "Suicide Lanes"

"It means dangerous, it means shouldn't be on them, it means you are taking you life in you own hands when you use them." says one opponent.

Many people are concerned that the lanes are dangerous, that they impede on buisnesses and force some to speed and cut through neighborhoods.

Still much like the council, much of the community is split on whether the lanes are actually good or bad and what the solution is.

Opinions vary widely...

"You either need to get rid of them or start spending money on signage"

"I've been using reverse lanes on 7th ave for 25 years I don't know what's wrong with them."

"They are not ideal - they could be improved and I encourage improvement."

A city study shows the reverse lanes pose no greater safety risk than similar nearby streets and without them travel times could nearly double.

Still according to an A.S.U. study there is a lot of desire for change, but none of the options come cheap.

In fact, keeping the lanes and adding electronic signage could cost as much as $15million dollars.

While removing the reverse lanes could cost as much as $835,000 dollars.

A lot of money for a city with a budget shortfall.

After three hours of discussion and public comment, the council still doesn't have a definite plan for the so called suicide lanes.

They opted to continue to look into potential alternatives on both sides of the reverse-lane debate.