Woman seeking help with wrinkles is disappointed with results

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PHOENIX -- A North Valley woman says she paid big bucks to look younger but didn't end up getting what she paid for.

Well, there is certainly no fountain of youth, we know that, but a Valley woman says she thought she found the next best thing.

For $5,000, she says a company told her they could remove wrinkles and make her complexion look years younger. Now, she wishes she never listened to their sales pitch.

"I was in search of somewhere that would help me with my premature wrinkles," Lisa Klokner said.

Klokner said she takes pride in her appearance and has been searching for ways to look younger. So, when she came across a place called Nu U Unlimited located inside Arrowhead Mall, she was excited when she talked to a salesperson.

"He assured me that before I left there that night I would see a night-and-day difference," Klokner said.

So, according to the contract, Klokner signed up for something called ContrAge treatments with Nu U Unlimited, which is also known as Nu U Medspa.

Klokner says she agreed to five treatments at a total cost of $5,000.

"They promised me that I was going to get the three parts of this procedure, which includes the microderm, there's the collagen building, and then there's what I call the ironing out of the wrinkles," Klokner said.

Klokner says when she showed up for her first treatment, she was told she was supposed go through a three-step procedure, but she says that didn't happen.

"She's like, 'OK, we're going to start this, but I can only do the microderm tonight because I don't have the time to do the rest of it,' and I'm like, 'You're kidding me," Klokner said.

Klokner says the same thing happened when she returned for more sessions and, according to Klokner, the before and after photographs that she says were taken by Nu U Unlimited convinced her the one-step sessions just weren't working.

"You sold me something and promised me something that didn't work," Klokner said.

Now, although Klokner did sign a contract with Nu U Unlimited, a contract that indicates "there are no refunds," Klokner disputed the $5,000 transaction with her finance company, which zeroed out her balance.

Klokner thought the ordeal was over.

"I get this piece of paper in the mail from Nu U Medspa saying, 'We are going to turn you over to collections," Klokner said.

And they did turn Klokner over to collections for that $5,000 balance.

3 On Your Side got involved and contacted Nu U Medspa. After three weeks of dealing with the company, the president of Nu U Medspa sent us an e-mail saying Klokner will not be handed over to a debt collector. However, they are still pursuing her for the money, saying, "...Nu U Medspa is giving an opportunity for Ms. Klokner to settle her balance without an outside agency. Ms. Klokner has been removed out of collections..."

Klokner remains disappointed and advises others to "do your research before signing anything!"

By the way, Nu U Medspa says it's pursuing the matter because they claim Klokner did receive services.

One final note. Nu U Medspa does not have a file with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau, but out in Las Vegas where the company is headquartered they have an "F" rating because they cannot confirm Nu U Medspa has a competency license to do business.