Apartment manager brutally beaten to death

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PHOENIX -- Luis Favela, 52, was the property manager for several years at the Monte Vista Apartments.

He lived in the complex with his family but that family is now in mourning. Angela Medina says, "It's just like a dream, I can't even believe it, um, it's just, it's hard."

It started when police say Favela was cleaning up this empty unit.

Tommy Thompson, with the Phoenix Police Dept., says, "It was a vacant apartment, that he was in the process of preparing it for someone else to inhabit and that he may have been staying there part of the time to keep people from coming there that might have been trespassers or might have wanted to come to do some damage."

Police say someone did do damage to Favela. Someone found the father of two young boys brutally beaten inside.

Lisa Alcazar says that someone grabbed her grandfather. She explains, "He said that he had went in there because the door was open and then they found him right there right there in the little hallway or whatever and there was blood everywhere."

As for any enemies his family says he was a great person, very kind and would help everybody.

Police say there is no suspect yet but the family says, "There was one particular man that came to ask if he could rent here and he didn't want to rent for him for whatever reason he had."

Police are looking into it and, in the meantime his family says the person that did it is out there.

Police tell 3TV they do not believe there is any reason people living in the area need to be worried about a random killer on the loose.

Still, they say they have no suspect, motive, or even a witness.