Family homeless after fire destroys their Gilbert home

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Fire spread quickly

PHOENIX - A house fire has left a Gilbert family homeless.

Around 9:30 Saturday night the family heard some strange noises. Their son went outside to check and saw flames coming from the chimney. The father tried to put out the fire himself but it spread quickly.

Neighbors called firefighters who had a hard time putting out the flames because there were no hydrants in the area. Soon after crews arrived on scene, the roof collapsed.

Capt. Bob Badgett tells 3TV, "We understand people want to protect their personal property.We would always suggest the first thing you do is call 911 and get us en route.Again, this is a classic example where everything looks okay and it didn't take very long for that entire structure to come down."

No one was hurt but firefighters believe the home is a total loss. It is still unclear what caused the fire.