UPDATE: 3 arrested after house fire kills elderly man

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3 arrested after elderly man dies in house fire

UPDATE on Saturday, March 14:

GLENDALE - Seventy-year-old Jim Head was found dead inside his Glendale home which went up in flames early Thursday morning.

Almost from the beginning, Glendale Police began investigating the fire as a homicide.

Now three people are in custody and are charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and kidnapping.

One of those suspects, 33-year-old Brian King spoke to 3TV the day of the fire.

King, who had been staying at the home of one of the victim's relatives, told 3TV that a neighbor showed up at the door and asked him if he could help him get rid of some items. The items were a walking cane, a sword, a computer and a gun, all of which belonged to the victim, Jim Head.

Glendale Police served separate search warrants at that location and at another house in Phoenix although they will not say what else they found.

Brian King is an ex-con who was released from prison in last year. He did time for forgery and drug violations.


One person was killed and firefighters were concerned about a possible second victim after flames tore through a West Valley home early Thursday morning.

Crews were called to the scene near 47th and Glendale avenues just after 1 a.m.

Huge intense flames were shooting from the house, forcing fires crews to immediately go defensive and try to protect nearby homes, even though they had reports that people might be trapped inside the burning home.

"They were getting reports of two people trapped inside the house," said Batallion Chief Tim Wayne of the Glendale Fire Department. "Unfortunately, there was so much fire that we couldn't make an aggressive entry like we normally do."

Fire officials said a husband and wife lived in the house. The husband was wheelchair-bound.

Once the flames were out and firefighters were able to get inside, they did find one body. They initially were not sure if there was a second victim, but the wife was later found safe. Family members said she was working an overnight shift at Arizona Heart Hospital.

At this point, investigators have not released the name of the victim found in the burnt-out home, although they reportedly have confirmed it was the man who lived there.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.