UPDATE: Gunman sought loot at ranch, investigators say

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Ranch located southwest of Tucson

UPDATE -- Sept. 25:

TUCSON -- Pima County sheriff's investigators say they're convinced a 26-year-old gunman who apparently killed two older men on a rundown ranch was looking for "loot."

Sheriff's Bureau Chief Rick Kastigar says the California man was where he planned to be, citing handwritten directions to the ranch, an aerial Internet picture of the location and a list mentioning taking "the loot" and getting cash for it.

Kastigar says the man, who wore a bulletproof vest, had weapons including an assault rifle and four pipe bombs.

Kastigar says there was no sign he was shot, but a rifle near the body of one of the other two dead men may have been fired.

Investigators were in California trying to learn more Thursday.

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TUCSON - Pima County detectives say at least two of three men found dead on a ranch southwest of Tucson died of gunshot wounds.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Dawn Hanke said Tuesday the cause of death for a third man has not been determined, pending an autopsy.

A caretaker found two men dead Monday at the four- to five-acre ranch and SWAT team officers who searched the property discovered a third man dead.

The Tucson Citizen newspaper described the property as a guest ranch and resort in the 1940s and 1950s that had fallen into disarray in recent decades.

Detectives were processing the crime scenes Tuesday. No names, ages, details or possible motives have been released, Hanke said.