Jurors: Grant was manipulative, dishonest, and a 'scumbag'

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Aggravating circumstances added to verdict

PHOENIX - After finding former fitness guru to the stars Doug Grant guilty of manslaughter for killing his wife, the jury delivered another blow.

3TV caught up with some of the jurors outside the courthouse.

Six women and six men make up the jury that found Douglas Dewey Grant guilty of manslaughter in connection with the drowning death of his wife, Faylene.

The jury is now adding 3 aggravating circumstances to their verdict.

These aggravators in all likelihood will increase the prison time that Doug Grant serves.

The jury read aloud the offenses in court:

"The defendant committed the offense in an especially cruel manner: proven. The defendant committed the offense as consideration for the receipt or in expectation of the receipt of anything of value: proven. The offense cost physical, emotional, or financial harm to the victim or if the victim died as a result of the conduct of the defendant caused emotional or financial harm to the victim's immediate family: proven."

After the session in court, the family of Doug Grant maintained that an innocent man has been convicted and that they think the verdict is a miscarriage of justice.

The family of the dead woman, Faylene Grant says that all along they just wanted their day in court and to have the facts heard by a jury and seem satisfied with the outcome.

A handful of the jurors spoke to 3TV after rendering their verdict. Bottom line: it is clear they did not like Doug Grant.

"Personally?" says Juror Matt Percifield. "We thought he was pretty much a scumbag."

"We thought the same thing," says Juror Pam Somerville. "Nobody had good feelings about him. He was dishonest, He was manipulating. He's not a good person."

Some of the jurors were relieved to have completed their civic duty.

"It was very, very stressful," says Juror Roserita Crawford. "I'm happy to have my life back."

All those jurors now have their life back.

They had 66 days of trial according to the judge.

Judge Margaret Mahoney will impose the sentence on Grant on May 1st .

It could range from 5-12 years in prison.