UPDATE: Police arrest suspect in shooting near Mesa nightclub

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No suspects in custody yet


MESA -- The suspect in a weekend shooting at a Mesa nightclub was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Tucson.

Mesa detectives arrested Christian C. Garcia, 26.

Detectives were able to find him in Tucson before he was able to cross the border into Mexico.

Garcia was returned to Mesa where he was interviewed about the crime. Garcia admitted that he was the person who fired the shots resulting in the death of Christian Gonzalez and the injury of two other occupants of the vehicle.

He said that the incident was the result of an altercation that occurred earlier inside Club Cabo.

Garcia was booked into the Mesa Holding Facility for one count of first-degree murder and four counts of aggravated assault.


MESA -- A shooting has left one person dead and several wounded.

It happened in Mesa just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning near Club Cabo on South Robson.

Police say four people were shot or injured inside a vehicle found at the intersection of 1st avenue and Sirrine.

One of those victims died. The driver of the vehicle had been shot an unknown number of times.

The rear seat male passenger had some bruising and knots on his head.

One of the rear seat female passengers had a gunshot to the right hand and head.

The other rear seat female passenger was not physically injured.

The front seat passenger was pronounced deceased at the scene.

All but the uninjured woman were taken to local hospitals and police tell 3TV so far there are no suspects in custody.

They have not released the names of any of the victims at this time.