Police arrest mother of boy found alone at bus stop

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UPDATE: Aug. 15 3:40 p.m.

UNCUT: Police talk about incident

The following is a press release from the Glendale Police Department:

GLENDALE -- Carolyn Bartlett, 3/13/68, of Tonopah, was arrested by Glendale Police detectives this morning at her home in connection with yesterday's found 8 year old boy.

Last night, 8/14/08, at about 6:30p.m., an 8 year old boy was found by a concerned citizen sitting at a bus stop at 9300 West Glendale Avenue. The boy, who identified himself as Tommy Bartlett, said his mother had dropped him off and that she would come back and get him.

Glendale Police officers asked Tommy where he lived and if he knew his phone number. Unfortunately, Tommy said that they had just moved from California and he didn't know.

Child Protective Services was contacted and took custody of Tommy.

In the early morning hours, Carolyn called the police department and said she had left Tommy somewhere. Carolyn admitted to having drug and alcohol problems and only realized later in the night she had left Tommy at an unknown location at which point she called the police.

Carolyn was arrested and booked on (1) one count of Child Abuse.

UPDATE: Aug. 15 8:40 a.m.

TONOPAH -- The mother of a boy found at a bus stop has been located.

The mother called the police department Thursday night but was, according to police, "acting fishy." She did not go in or give her location.

Police say that after seeing the boy on the news, a neighbor called in and said that the child lives behind her in Tonopah.

The neighbor went to the house and the mom answered the door crying, saying that CPS has her child and shut the door, according to Glendale police spokesman Matt Barnett.


GLENDALE - Police need your help finding an 8-year-old boy's parents.

Officers say Thomas Bartlett was found at a city bus stop near Glendale Avenue and 91st Avenue. The boy told police his mom dropped him off and was going to pick him up.

He was found by a passerby about 15 minutes later. Police say no missing child reports have been made for Barlett.

His mom is 40-year old Carolyn Bartlett and his stepfather is Jim Smith. Anyone who knows their whereabouts should call police.