Man who ordered high-end furniture says he got cheap, damaged goods

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AVONDALE -- A Canadian man says he hired a Valley company to furnish his Avondale home, but he didn't quite get what he ordered.

What he was expecting and what he received are two different things.

Jamie Conroy works 13 hours a day seven days a week in Canada just so he can spend a few months at a time here in the Valley.

That's why he bought a home here and that's why he decided to hire a company to fully furnish his winter house.

But Conroy is not exactly happy with the furniture that was delivered.

"My hope was just to relax," he said.

Conroy works around the clock in Canada, so when he bought a winter home in Avondale he wanted it to be fully furnished so when he arrived, he could just kick back.

"I just wanted to come in and crawl into bed and go to sleep for a month," he said.

So Conroy hired a company called, which is run by a couple named Mario and Wendy Delfiacco.

According to their Web site, the company offers "luxury and quality" fine furniture at deeply discounted prices.

"They were supposed to furnish four bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, three bathrooms, the full dcor -- the pictures, the candles, everything," Conroy said.

According to the contract, the company was going to provide furnishings, including "furniture, linens, decor, and kitchen supplies."

The total cost for everything was $15,000.

To get things started, Conroy handed over a $9,000 check and would pay the balance when everything was delivered.

But things haven't worked out.

"It's a total nightmare right now," Conroy said. "It's tough to handle."

That's because for $9,000, Conroy says a small garage of items is all he has to show.

He moved the stuff out there after discovering it was damaged and, in his words, a far cry from being luxury and quality furniture.

"This is just cheap material," Conroy said. "This is damaged and scraped up. The other side is damaged and scraped up. You can't even furnish a one-bedroom apartment with this stuff."

Conroy says he complained to, but that the Delfiaccos were difficult to get a hold of.

Conroy says he was forced to go out and spend even more to finish furnishing his entire house.

Fed up, Conroy says he just wanted out of the contract and contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I'm totally frustrated," he said. "I don't know how I could be taken advantage of."

3 On Your Side tried calling Mario and Wendy Delfiacco, but we were unsuccessful. So we went to their Gilbert home.

No one ever came to the door, but later Wendy Delfiacco did call 3 On Your Side back.

She told us the furniture that was delivered is perfectly fine furniture and that they lived up to their end of the contract.

In fact, Delfiacco says her company still wants to deliver the remaining furniture, but is reluctant if Conroy doesn't want to pay the remaining $6,000.

"I'm not saying we were finished by any means," she said. "He's the one that called me that he was tearing the contract up."

Delfiacco went on to say the furniture that was delivered was not damaged as Conroy claims and that she won't take back anything.

"For me to take back damaged furniture, I'm going to lose money and that's not right because I did not breach the contract, he did," Delfiacco said.

Conroy says the ordeal has left him feeling like he was taken advantage of. After all, for $9,000 he says he was expecting a lot better stuff than what he got.

"This is my high-end furniture -- nice," Conroy said. "Looks like cardboard on the back there."

Conroy says he plans on suing Mario and Wendy Delfiacco.

In the meantime, if you ever sign a contract for anything, make sure the document is very detailed.

For instance, in the furniture contract, it just says "furniture," but it does not specify brand names or exactly what kind of furniture, so do your homework.