Meet the only female auctioneer at Barrett-Jackson

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Barrett-Jackson's only female auctioneer

"Just spend the day out here and it can get very crazy," admits Amy Assister.

When you go to the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction in Scottsdale you will see Assister, who is an auctioneer, hard at work. This week her job is to help bidders try and get one of those cars on the auction block.

She explains, "The bidder can't communicate directly with the auctioneer. These are the cars of their dreams so if I don't do my job and I don't help them take that to finality, whether it's to stop bidding because it's gone to high or they get the car, that's my responsibility."

Assister is the only female bidding assistant at Barrett-Jackson. She says that while being on the auction floor can be fun, she takes her job very seriously.

She admits, "You're dealing with guys who have had too much to drink and who come on a little strong and you've got to be able to put them in their place, but still make them comfortable enough to still stand there and be your friend."

Even though Assister is on the floor for this event, she is an auctioneer in her own right at lots of other high-profile events, as well. "Before I became an auctioneer I was a commodity broker. I worked with hedge funds out of local stockyards and my family ran cattle through the stockyards and I knew the auctioneer. He knew my history of public speaking and singing and knew the abilities were there because auctioning is a lot like singing. It's rhythm, its cadence, its tone, its breathing."

She adds, "We went over the mechanics of the chant. We went over numbers because it's funny. You think you know how to count and then all of a sudden you put it into some type of song, if you will, and all of a sudden the numbers are like forgetting the words to the song."

With a lot of practice that is no longer the case anymore. Assister is considered one of the best in her field. Now auctioning runs in the family. Her husband, Spanky, is the lead auctioneer at the famous car show. She admits, "They all tease that we come out here to fight. We don't but it just get's a little intense though because I fight for my guys and he fights for his guys on the auction block."

So whether Assister is doing her job on the floor or the microphone, she is somewhat of a celebrity around these parts. "I'm still a country girl at heart," she says. "You know you're at home doing laundry and then all of a sudden you get on a plane and you come out here and you start signing autographs. I appreciate them all."

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