Two local entrepreneuers take swing at success with shirts

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Holy Pi±atas taking a swing at success

"We've always been doing wacky stuff together and this is our first thing into professional wacky staff," Admits Andy Brooks. Childhood friends Brooks and Danny Stoeller are having fun when it comes to starting up a new t-shirt business called Holy Pi±ata.

Brooks explains, "It's not easy to get a conventional job in this economy so you might as well be doing something that you enjoy and this is something Dan I feel strongly about." Stoeller adds, " Holy Pi±ata was created to support Phoenix. The name pi±ata is because we think Phoenix is flourishing with so much activity and stuff to do and it has a rich culture and history and the holy ties into the charities that we give to."

The Holy Pi±ata t-shirt designs will feature icons and landmarks from around the Valley.

Stoeller explains, "Different colors, different designs. This is the original design I cactus Phoenix which represents I love Phoenix and the shirt comes in black and white, you can order different colors and were going to have tank tops coming online."< /p>

Stoeller says other designs on the drawing board include Camelback Mountain and Westward Ho. "The whole idea is you're not only promoting Phoenix, but you're promoting the charities that help Phoenix exist and grow."

The next time you buy a Holy Pi±ata t-shirt, 10% of the sales will go to local charities such as Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Brooks explains, "I also think given the state of the economy it's good to provide some sort of platform to people and to still give money to charitable organizations."

Since starting the business in December the two say it is doing well despite the economy. Stoeller says, "We haven't run into any roadblocks where this isn't going to work let's stop doing it. Every day we find out something new. Every day someone will give us a new idea on the Facebook group. Every day we have a new artist contact us."

They also believe in promoting other local businesses. All their artists are from the Valley and the t-shirts are printed at Acme Prints in Scottsdale.

So what does the future hold for these two entrepreneurs? Stoeller admits, "It's so exciting because we both don't have bosses. We're both our own boss and we're able to be so much more creative that way." Brooks adds, "I hope we're still doing it in a year's time and that we have loads of new designs."

You can purchase the Holy Pi±ata t-shirts online or at local stores around the Valley.

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