New system alerts drivers to photo radar cams ready to flash

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Users can get daily email alerts

PHOENIX - A flash of the photo radar camera happens all the time but a growing number of people are hitting the internet before hitting the road to avoid those cameras.

We all know where the stationary cameras are on our daily commutes but those mobile van and SUV units can pop up anywhere at any time and a new alert system aims to give drivers a heads up. now gets more than 100,000 hits a month. Matt Stone explains, "It's an interactive map."

They are color-coded maps that show where the cameras are day by day, if the cameras are stationary or mobile and when those mobile units will be out there.

Stone admits, "The response have been really great." Stone and his business partner started warning drivers five months ago. He says, "It's not that we're saying we want people to speed and fight back against photo radar.We just feel the agencies need to be more transparent about them."

The creators gather all of the data about when and where the cameras will be from city websites but they admit the site is not completely accurate.

Stone tells 3TV, "The cities reserve the right to change locations whenever they want."

Still 1,200 people now get daily email alerts about where the mobile units are being deployed and it is all free.

Stone and his partner say they would like to find advertisers for the site and say the cash would allow them to expand, to create route maps for users and even create downloadable files drivers that you can plug into GPS devices. creators are working on getting all agencies to make their photo enforcement schedules public.

Right now, the Department of Public Safety and Paradise Valley keep theirs a secret.