NBA All-Star game expected to be 'tamer' due to economy

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Businesses don't expect spending sprees

PHOENIX - Get ready for another flood of fans in the Valley.

The NBA All-Star Game is expected to draw in thousands of people for five days worth of events.

Business owners say any influx in people is a good thing, but after the Super Bowl, they do not expect a spending spree.

Downtown is all dressed up for the big event with the faces of players plastered across buildings and billboards. Even the new light rail cars have become a marketing machine for the NBA.

Nevertheless some say the reality is that this year's game will be tamer than many expected and all those events that surround it will be far fewer than years past.

Jennifer Kaplan, with Prime 3 Public Relations, tells 3TV, "You know, Nike, Vitamin Water, T-mobile, people like that... they're going to continue to do a lot of their events. Some companies are not doing as much. They're pulling out. The economy is not where it was a few years ago where they can do that anymore."

While many promoters figure there will be only about half of the high-profile parties as in years past, the number of people who pony up the cash to attend them will not be as high either.

Will the All-Star Game be a boost for business? Some are using the Super Bowl as a sign of what is to come.