Boat explodes into pieces during race at Firebird Raceway

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CHANDLER -- A frightening crash was caught on tape as a boat shredded to pieces during a race Saturday afternoon in Chandler.

RAW: Crash caught on tape

The boat launched into the air, going more than 200 miles per hour, at Firebird International Raceway.

The yellow boat, nicknamed Tequila Sunrise, started swaying toward the end of the drag race while it was going upward of 220 miles per hour.

Part of the boat caught the water the wrong way and it launched into the air, rolled several times, and exploded into tiny pieces.

The crowd went silent as three rescue boats raced over and pulled the driver of the boat out of his capsule.

James Ray of Midland, Texas, walked away from the crash with some help and was taken to the hospital. He is expected to be OK.