Light-rail construction took its toll on some retailers

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PHOENIX -- After years of work we're just days away from the opening of the Valley light rail.

Businesses affected by light-rail construction

That's a good thing for travelers not to mention business owners along the route.

Inside Lux on Central Avenue they whip up all sorts of culinary and coffee creations to satisfy the taste buds. However, outside the light rail track has left a bad taste in the mouths of owners and customers.

The lengthy construction took its toll on the stores along the track. Many of them closed their doors, unable to weather the storm in this turbulent economy.

Lux owners concentrated on customer service, hoping the core of their clientele would fight the traffic for the ambiance and a hot cup of joe.

At Circles Records and Tapes they too had to keep their regulars returning in order to survive the fiscally damaging construction phase.

Some customers complained that they just couldn't get around the construction.

Traffic routes have changed and there will most likely be a learning curve for consumers returning to the downtown area.

The owners of Lux are optimistic, but the jury is still out on the exact impact of the light rail on area businesses.

The official first day to ride is Dec. 27. Grand opening parties are scheduled at light rail stops around the Valley.