Woman's online purchase canceled after pricing malfunction

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PHOENIX -- A woman's purchase from a big-time retailer was canceled and wait until you hear why.

Most companies have what's called a price guarantee. What that means is if you get to the checkout stand and the price rings up incorrectly, the store will either give it to you for the lower price or at least make some kind of adjustment.

But one Valley woman had a pricing problem when she tried to buy a car seat online.

Little 1-year-old Landon has a lot of energy.

"He's actually a very active little child," Rebecca Pau said. "He's figured out how to open quite a few things and get out of a few things!"

And one of the things he's figured out how to get out of is his car seat.

"He's actually figured out how to push the button when the straps are engaged and he can push the button and it pops right out," Pau said.

That's not good. So Pau decided it was time to find another car seat and after searching, she came across one on Target.com.

"Oh my gosh, I was so excited," Pau said. "I thought, yea he's going to have this great car seat. I don't have to worry about him breaking out of the other one anymore."

And the best part about it was the price!

"The original price was $279.99 and it was on sale for $49.99," she said.

What a deal! Pau was ecstatic to find such a bargain that she wasted no time making the buy.

"So I ordered my car seat, paid with my gift card and the rest on my debit card, and received a receipt letting me know it would be shipped in two to three weeks, which was awesome," she said.

But Pau's excitement quickly turned to disappointment when she received an e-mail the following day from Target.com.

"I got an e-mail saying they were canceling my order," she said. "Apparently, they had a pricing malfunction on their Web site."

A pricing malfunction. In other words, Target.com says it made a mistake on the price of the car seat and it was not going to sell it to Pau for the agreed price of $49.99.

"I contacted 3 On Your Side because I figured someone's got to do something," Pau said. "This isn't fair."

3 On Your Side contacted Target representatives who apologized and then they sent us a statement, saying, "Target.com experienced a system pricing error that affected some items on the site, including the Britax car seat."

Although they would not honor the Internet price, they went on to say, "Most guests whose purchase was canceled received today a $25 Target e-gift card to use on their next purchase..."

Although Pau appreciates the $25 gift card, she believes Target.com should have honored its Internet price.

"Now I have to figure something else out," she said. "Realistically, I don't have an extra $300 right now to buy a new car seat."

This is a probably good time to remind everyone that even if you don't make purchases over the Internet always look at your purchase price and if it rings up differently at the counter, ask for the store's price guarantee. They usually have one. And if that doesn't work, ask for the store manager.