Armored car robbery in Wal-Mart parking lot

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PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Police Department is searching for a suspect who robbed an armored car in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart at 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road Tuesday afternoon.


UNCUT: Police talk about armored car robbery - Phoenix Police Spokesperson James Holmes gives 3TV details on an armored car robbery that took place outside a Wal-Mart near 35th Ave. and Bethany Home Road.

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According to Detective James Holmes, a Loomis carrier went into the store to make a delivery and a pickup. As he was leaving, a black male came out of the men's restroom, pointed a gun at his chest and took the bag containing money.

No shots were fired.

The suspect fled through the front of the store and into the neighborhood.

The suspect is described as 5 feet 11 inches tall, 140 to 170 pounds and 40 to 44 years old. He was wearing a blue button-down shirt, dark pants and a baseball cap. He had a mustache and a rather prominent nose.

Police found a green Nissan that is believed to be the car the suspect arrived in.