Man says Microsoft won't pay for broken Zune

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PHOENIX -- A West Valley man and his daughter say they're having a difficult time dealing with Microsoft so they contacted 3 On Your Side for a little help.

Microsoft makes a little gadget called the Zune. It's pretty popular because you can download music and videos -- all kinds of stuff.

But when the Zune stopped working for a Valley man and his daughter, Microsoft apparently didn't want to fix it.

"We're a fairly musical family," Jon Knapp said. "We like our music."

That's why Knapp thought the Microsoft Zune would be the perfect Christmas gift for his 18-year-old daughter.

"Teenagers, everyone knows they have the iPods and the Zunes 24/7," he said.

Knapp says after paying around $200 for the Zune, the music that he downloaded into the Zune didn't last long.

"Two months after she got it, it developed a little black speck down in one of the lower corners," he said. "About 30 days later, it just quit powering up so now she has a brand-new Zune that doesn't turn on."

Knapp immediately contacted Microsoft and was told to send in the device and they would look at it.

He said he did, but Knapp says Microsoft sent the Zune back along with something else.

"They sent it back with a form letter that said the damage to the Zune was not caused by faulty manufacturing and they weren't going to repair it," he said.

Knapp disagreed but he still had another option.

When he bought the Zune, he also purchased an extended warranty. Maybe the extended warranty would fix the Zune.

"They told us that the extended warranty doesn't kick in until the Microsoft warranty expires one year after purchase and that they wouldn't repair it anyway since Microsoft had already deemed it un-repairable," he said.

That's when Knapp contacted 3 On Your Side.

Representatives from Microsoft immediately responded to us saying, "Microsoft is committed to providing exceptional customer support for our products ... in this case we were able to replace Mr. Knapp's device."

And not only is Microsoft sending Knapp a new Zune, they're sending him an upgraded version.

"If 3 On Your Side hadn't come to our assistance, we would still be sitting in our house with a broken Zune," Knapp said.

Microsoft never told 3 On Your Side why they initially didn't want to fix Knapp's Zune. But at this point, that's OK. They're sending him a new one and he should be getting it in about a week or so.