Hanging lanterns

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Debbie Hernandez demonstrates

-Semi sheer fabric

-Hot glue gun and hot glue

-#6 or #8 Copper wire -36" per lantern

-#10 stranded copper wire -12" per lantern

-Pliers and needle nose pliers

-Zip ties

-50 CT strand of mini lights (holiday lights)

-Decorative trim (optional)

-Wire cutters

-Extension cord

-Pot hanger


-Cut #6 or #8 copper into 2 18" pieces

-Bend copper around a bowl or 1 qt sauce pan to create a wire ring

-With pliers, hold end of copper and with the needle nose, bend the end into a u-shape.

-Repeat at other end of copper piece

-Both u shape ends should link together to form a solid ring

-Set rings aside

-Cut fabric into 18" squares or desired size

-With hot glue, run glue down each side approx. 1/2" in, bend fabric over to hem edges

-On the top and bottom do the same, but add an additional bead of glue another inch in

-Bend fabric over once again. (This will create a pocket to slide the wire ring through)

-Attach any decorative trim to the bottom of the fabric with hot glue (optional)

-Thread copper wire through the fabric pockets at the top and bottom

-This will create a fabric cylinder, soon to be a lantern

-At the top, at the 3 other equal sides other than where the fabric meets (as if creating a criss cross) cut a small slit in the fabric (this will allow access to the wire)

-Using the #10 copper wire, wrap one end around the wire ring and twist until secure -stretch it across the ring and wrap it tightly around the other side (threading the slit in the fabric around the wire)

-Now repeat the same process in the opposite direction (creating a criss cross of wire)

-Take the mini lights, unwrap, stretch them out, fold in half, in half again, until they are the appropriate length for the lantern.

-Use zip ties to secure lights at top, middle and bottom.

-Tie the corded ends of the lights at the copper criss cross.

-Feed the wire up to an electrical source, an extension cord may be required.

-Hang in a tree, on your patio, in your home, anywhere. Multiples look great!

-This is a decorative way to add color, style and light to any area!