After 10 months, company finally finishes dining room set for Valley woman

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PHOENIX -- We have an update on a story about a woman's dining room set that's been missing for 10 months.

Dianna Labbe gave the set to a Valley furniture business so the set could be stripped and stained, but the project never got done, Labbe says, until she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I was just delighted to have it back," she said.

Labbe says she sure is happy now, but that wasn't the case last week when she first appeared on 3 On Your Side.

"It's just like an empty room that's missing," she said. "The house is missing a dining room."

The room was empty because Labbe says she gave her dining room table and six chairs to a guy named Richard Lach, who was supposed to strip and stain the set. But little did she know the project was going to take 10 long months.

"A home isn't a home without a place for the family to get together," Labbe said.

Labbe contacted 3 On Your Side and we got a hold of Lach, who runs a company called Timeless Arts Furniture.

He told us the project was stretching into a year because the dining room set is made of inferior material. He also blamed the slow turnaround on the economy.

"I've been working on it, but with the economy the way it's slow and everything, it affects everybody because I have no backup except for other jobs," Lach said.

Labbe says she paid Lach the full amount of $690 about halfway through the project as an incentive to speed things up. But she says it didn't really help -- until 3 On Your Side intervened and asked Lach to get this project done. After all, it's going on a year.

"I never asked her to pay me," Lach said. "I'm working on it, and like I said, it'll be done at least by next week."

AndLach lived up to his promise by finishing the job and delivering everything.

Labbe says she thrilled.

"It's so nice to be able to sit around a formal dinner table," she said. "It just sets the scene for a different experience."

An experience that she says might not have happened without the help of 3 On Your Side.

"I'm sure it would've taken much longer if 3 On Your Side hadn't intervened," Labbe said.

Lach tells 3 On Yours Side that he always intended to finish the project. It just took longer than expected. Regardless, Labbe is happy to have her stuff back and says she's already planning her next big family dinner.