Drink with purified nicotine helps you quit smoking

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I normally smoke about a pack a day, admits Brandy Davis, who has been smoking off and on for the last 11 years.


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She says, "It's more taboo socially. It's becoming unacceptable and I'm not a kid anymore. It's time to grow up and start becoming healthy." Brandy has tried almost everything from the patch to the gum and has even gone cold turkey.

While seven months is the longest she has been able to go without lighting up she is ready to stop the cravings permanently. " If it does it, awesome, if not, I'll find something else."

Brandy is trying a new smoking alternative called Niclite, a product that is supposed to be used when you cannot smoke, should not smoke or when you choose not to smoke."

Dr. Randall Maxey, the chief medical officer with Niclite, explains, "This product is something that can make you want to smoke less and not want to smoke at all, in a non-toxic way." He adds, "This product consists of purified water and a very small amount of nicotine that has been purified so it doesn't have the color or odor and it is in a permanent suspension with a good shelf life."

Dr. Maxey says drinking one bottle could potentially curb tobacco cravings up to three hours or more depending on your smoking habits. He explains, "A lot about it is psychologically so if you can burst that bubble, that 'Oh I didn't smoke for the last few hours, it might last another three or four hours'."

Niclite is registered with the Federal Drug Administration as a homeopathic complex formula. It is not a tobacco product and unlike smoking is carcinogen-free.

Joseph Knight, Founder of Nico Worldwide, Inc. says, "We developed an excellent homeopathic product and we've applied again to the FDA and got all of the data to them and we are now compliant 100% with the FDA."

Knight says Niclite, which has a multi-flavored taste, has been in the making for the last 12 years. He explains, "It gives you the chance to start cutting back and we've seen, without exception, that when somebody uses the product they may go from 20 cigarettes a day and, within a few days, they'll find that their down to five."< /p>

3TV took the product to Dr. Art Mollen to see what his take was on the new smoking alternative. He explains, "Now if this Niclite helps you to reduce the number of cigarettes and eventually reach that goal of quitting then that might be something that is beneficial, but again you have to be worried about the potential of taking too much nicotine into your system because it does contain it even though it is a homeopathic remedy it does contain nicotine and it also has caffeine in it."

In Brandy's case she found after drinking about three bottles of Niclite a day for about a month she was able to cut down smoking a pack a day to three or four cigarettes. She admits, "I really expected it to not work at all." She adds, "It's the beginning process for me to quit smoking completely. Hopefully I can switch it to the water and cut off the water and be done."

As for the taste, Brandy said she liked it but some of her friends did not care for it at all.

If you have high blood pressure, a heart condition or are pregnant you should check with a doctor before using Niclite.

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