Renters paying bills on time, but water still being shut off

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Family has no options

PHOENIX - You don't have to lose your job or own a home in this tough housing market to feel the impact of the recession.

Just ask thousands of renters across the Valley living in apartment complexes owned by the bankrupt Bethany Group company.

Tenant tales are mounting from stories of overflowing trash to unpaid employees and one family who says the water will get shut off in a matter of days.

The people who live at Granite Bay Apartments say things have been going downhill for months, but a notice left on their doors might as well be an eviction notice.

Despite tough odds, Jackie Mitchell is making it all work.

"I go to night school, my husband works all day," she said.

But soon, just living in their apartment will be impossible.

"I can't have three kids and no water," she said. "I can't do dishes, they can't take baths."

On Wednesday, the tenants at Granite Bay Apartments got a notice saying the water would be shut off in five days.

"It's too short notice," Mitchell said. "We have no where to go. I don't know what we're going to do. We don't know what we're going to do.We don't have the money for it."

Granite Bay managers blame their parent company, the Bethany Group. They say employees haven't been paid in over a month and the fate of the 550 tenants is unknown.

Workers say they've "heard" new management is taking over all 12 of the Bethany Group's Valley complexes, but they don't know who or when or if it will be in time for the tenants.

"I've never in my life paid rent and gotten evicted," Mitchell said. "You know that's what I feel like. I'm out on the streets with my family and I did everything I was supposed to do.We always paid our rent on time."