Mom drove 4 teens to beat up girl, ends in stabbing

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Mom may get jail time

SURPRISE - It is not the first time teenaged girls argue over a boy or even become physical.

Investigators say the details of this feud are disturbing and could have been deadly. A car rolled up to a house and four teenaged girls get out looking for a fight. It ended in bloodshed and crime tape and the big question became: Who was driving?

It is a quiet neighborhood in the City of Surprise where typically, the only rumblings come from the F-16's above, but Rich Lloyd tells 3TV it was anything but normal on a hot day in mid-August. He says, "I saw the police and the ambulance."

Police say a few houses down, four teenaged girls barged in through the back door and attacked a 15-year-old girl who was home alone with her 6-year-old sibling.

That is when the victim allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife in self-defense. Police say the suspects fled and the victim told them she knew her attacker because they had had words before over a boy.

Officers arrested three 15-year olds and a 13-year old, but they learned something even more disturbing than their young ages.One of the girls' mothers drove them to the house to fight and away from it with one of the girls badly cut.

Police arrested 41-year-old Kimberly Sutton of Glendale on conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and burglary, felony charges they say came close to being far more serious.

Police say the victim in the case was taken to the hospital with scratches and bruises all over her body.The teenaged suspects will face felony charges in juvenile court while the mother, Kimberly Sutton, could be facing jail time.