Candle holders and candle sticks

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Outdoor Industrial Candlesticks


-1/2" round galvanized flange

Watch now!

-6", 8", 10" galvanized pipe nipples

-1/2" to 3/4" galvanized reducers

-Rustoleum spray paint (if desired)


-Screw galvanized pipe to flange on bottom and reducer on top

-Spray paint (if desired)

-Place in grouping and add candlesticks

*Three different heights or two of the same height works the best*

Wood Table Leg Candlesticks


-1x4 wood cut into 4x4 squares or 4x4 rosettes

-Decorative 6", 8", 10", 12" and or 16" table legs (any size you desire

-1 1/4" PVC cap


-Desired paint and polyurethane


-Hot glue and liquid nails


-Remove screw from bottom of table leg

-Screw through the bottom of the PVC cap into the top of the table leg

-Glue the table leg at the bottom to the 4x4 or rosette

-Prime, paint, and polyurethane

*Three different heights or two of the same height works the best*

-Add votive candles and enjoy!

Tea Light Candleholder


-1x4 wood plank cut to 15", 18" or desired length

-Hole saw (desired size to fit candles or glass cups for holes)

-Sandpaper 150 grit

-Cabinet door knobs for feet

-Paint or stain

-Glass cups for tea light candles


-Cut 1x4 plank to desired size

-Measure to equally space holes

-Drill holes in 1x4 with hole saw

-Prime and paint or stain to desired color

-Finish with polyurethane for protection

-Add cabinet knobs on bottom at each end for feet with hot glue or screw through the top

-Place glass cups through holes, add tea lights and enjoy!