Photos of fatal wreck that seriously injured Chef Luigi

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Chef Luigi and wife in ICU

PHOENIX - A deadly accident hits close to home for 3TV.

Two teenagers and an 8-year old were killed after a crash on the US 93 near Wikieup. Several others were injured, including a local celebrity chef familiar to many 3TV viewers.

Everyone at Channel 3 knows and loves Chef Luigi. He has been working with our station for more than 15 years. He and his wife are in the intensive care unit and they are expected to go through surgeries throughout the week.

On Sunday night 3TV told you about a crash on Highway 93 near Wikieup where two 16-year-olds and an 8-year old from Las Vegas were killed when the driver of the Explorer they were riding in lost control and flipped.

3TV has since learned Chef Luigi Sziklay and his wife Pat were involved in that fatal crash. The two were headed to Las Vegas just before 4 p.m. when the out of control Explorer came crashing into their car.

Anthony Sziklay, the couple's only child, says, "They were just going away for a couple of days and they drove like they've done it a few times before, they drove up the highway and I actually heard about it about 5:45 last night when John C. Lincoln called me here."

The two had been airlifted to the hospital. Anthony admits, " That was kind of tough because you don't like to see your parents in pain even if you know they are not going to be in pain in the long run, you don't like to see them hurting."

On opposite sides of the ICU, doctors keep them updated on the other's condition. Anthony explains, "My dad has been pretty much sedated the whole time so I haven't been able to gage his reaction but my mom is doing great. She's coherent, she's in a lot of pain but she has her sense of humor"

Nevertheless, 66-year-old Luigi, who is currently a chef at Guisseppe's in Scottsdale, lost his left hand.

"He hasn't been that coherent but I think he does know, I mean, he seemed pretty upset which you know, I don't know if it was because of that or because he's in a lot of discomfort right now," Anthony says.

He also has fractures to his face and back while his 63-year-old wife has fractured vertebrae and bones in her neck. Anthony admits, "As bad as their injuries are, there were people killed in the accident and they were younger people and that's really heartbreaking and I want to extend my sympathy and compassion to that family."

As for Anthony's family, they are expected to survive. We consider Chef Luigi to be part of our family at Channel 3 so we send our condolences and sympathy.