Recipe for less stressful days during dismal economy

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How can you have less stressful days?

"I think it takes a point in time when you have to say enough is enough and I don't want to live a stressful life anymore," explains Andrew Day.

The state of the economy is leaving him feeling stressed. He says, "It's all about cost cutting, it's all about planning."

The young entrepreneur had to cut costs like getting rid of his office to keep his business alive, but all the stress is definitely taking a toll on Day's personal life.

He admits, "At the end of the day when you're running to three or four meetings across the Valley, going to the gym, well you're just too tired and you don't want to go and pick up a good meal."< /p>

It turns out, while there is no easy solution for hectic days and a rotten economy, getting a good meal may be just the thing Day needs to beat his stress.

Registered Dietician Patti Milligan explains, "When we get very stressed you have lots of sugar in your blood system and you really can't perform that well because your brain is activated. So by shooting in some complex carbs by doing beans, doing sweet potatoes, doing oatmeal, whole grain breads this steadies the blood sugar so your brain can have a steady flow and calms itself down and therefore your overall body will release tension."

Milligan says some other stress-busting foods include oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, deep greens like spinach, nuts, avocados, albacore tuna, black tea and milk.

"Many studies have shown by taking milk before you go to bed can actually calm your body down to allow you to fall into sleep," admits Milligan.

Food is not the only thing to make you feel better. Scott Peltin, the founder of Tignum, says, "You can worry about the economy. You can worry about the recession or the depression, but the only thing you can do is deal with what you have in front of you right now."

Tignum is a company that teaches other businesses high-performance strategies that includes keeping their employees healthy and stress-free. Peltin explains, "We use something like a tennis ball to help relieve tension and help people to relax so they can get into their proper performance state so that they can be at their best."

Tignum teaches everything from breathing techniques to mental preparedness and even specialized programs on your iPod. Peltin says giving employees a sense of control helps relieve stress. "The people who are going to be successful right now are the ones who are energetic, resilient, improve their capacity and have the highest brain performance they can have."

As for Day, he says he will try anything. "Any little change may help or add up and help me live a less stressed life."

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