Young man fatally falls from edge of Grand Canyon

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GRAND CANYON - The following is a release from the National Parks Service:

Grand Canyon National Park search and rescue rangers responded to a 911 call this afternoon at approximately 12:30 p.m.Eye witnesses called 911 and reported seeing a young adult male fall from the rim of the canyon near Yaki Point, located on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Witnesses stated that the young male had been on an outcropping when he lost his footing and fell.Search and rescue rangers located his body just after 1:00 p.m., approximately 250 feet below the rim.The young man was with a friend when the accident occurred.The accident was witnessed by his friend and two other visitors that had been in the area.

Recovery efforts are underway, but could be hampered by a thunderstorm moving into the area.Once the body is recovered it will be transferred to the Coconino County Medical Examiner, who is located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

An investigation is being conducted by National Park Service.Additional information on the victim's identity is being withheld, pending notification of next-of-kin.

Park rangers want to remind visitors that it is important to use caution when near the rim.There are many scenic viewpoints along the rim of the canyon that can be enjoyed without putting yourself at risk - visitors are reminded to keep a safe distance from the rim and to be aware of their footing and the condition of the ground surface at all times.

This is the first accidental fall, resulting in a fatality that has occurred in the park this year.