Flagstaff armed robbery suspect in custody

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FLAGSTAFF - The following is a release from the Coconino County Sheriff's Office:

The Flagstaff Police Department has a suspect in custody for the recent armed robberies and an attempted armed robbery in the Flagstaff area.

Tuesday evening, 072208, field officers from the Flagstaff Police Department located a suspect matching the description given by an armed robbery victim.A neighborhood officer recalled interviewing a subject as described and was able to locate the man.A detective later linked the suspect, Jacob Yates, 22, to the crimes.Investigators located the weapon used and the clothing worn during the robberies after serving a search warrant where Yates was staying.He is being held in the Coconino County Jail for two armed robberies and an attempted robbery with a cash bond set at one hundred thousand dollars.

The robberies occurred at a motel, a fast food restaurant and a convenience store.No one was hurt during the commission of the robberies.These cases remain under investigation and subsequent charges may be filed.

Last year, the Flagstaff Police Department received 63 robbery calls (some unfounded) which was down 20% from 2006.To date for 2008 we have received 26 reports of robbery.Robbery is defined as using or threatening to use force during the commission of a theft.Aggravated robbery occurs when a suspect is aided by one or more accomplices (so includes intoxicated subjects " rolling" each other for cash or liquor) and armed robbery includes the use of a deadly weapon or simulated deadly weapon.All are serious felony crimes.