Spruce up your meals while on diet to keep you motivated

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9 p.m. Extra: Healthy Foods

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Eating foods that are good for your body is a high priority for a lot of people, but some of us are in a food rut and are looking for new items to add into the mix.

Romy Nelson, a nutritionist, says, "People will typically go quote off of their diet or other healthy eating because they're bored so what these foods offer is something fun, new and different to try."

The foods Nelson is talking about come from the belly off ones she says we should be munching on, but don't think about. She explains, "Pearled barely is something again people are like 'What am I going to do with that, isn't barley just for soup'. What's great about pearled barely its really high in resistant starch, 12% is resistant starch and what that does is it passes through the body completely undigested but it also keeps us full longer."

Another food is pickled lunch herring. Nelson tells 3TV, "It looks like a little strange but pickled herring is good source of omega 3's and protein, plus it's in a jar. You don't have to cook it and it's also high in calcium."

Ready for this one? Paddlefish caviar also makes the list. Nelson says, "A lot of people think 'Caviar, I'm not eating little fish eggs, but again, you're talking about a food that is incredible high in omega 3 and you can throw it on some crackers or put it on your white egg omelet.

Some other foods are Greek yogurt which is high in protein and low in lactose. Flaxseed is another item high in omega 3. And what about kimchi? Nelson explains, "The main ingredient is cabbage and cabbage has been extensively studied for breast cancer prevention and other forms of cancer prevention as well."

Nelson says while some of these foods may not be at the top of your grocery list, maybe it is time to be a little adventurous when looking to switch up your daily meals.

Nelson says, "If your calories are the right amount, then you can fit almost any food, but again, these foods are helpful because they actually give you more nutrition."

Nelson says a lot of these foods can be found at most grocery stores. For more information, log on to Romy Nelson or Essential Fitness, Inc.