UPDATE:Toddler mauled by dogs is expected to survive

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Baby boy survives attack

UPDATE on 10/14: According to Phoenix police the little boy is expected to survive his injuries suffered in the dog attack.

As for the five dogs, they are all in quarantine, which is standard procedure to determine if the animals have rabies or not.

The two adult dogs involved in the attack will be put down at the grandparents' request.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said police have concluded that the attack was an unfortunate accident and there was no neglicence on the part of the grandparents.

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX - A child was mauled by dogs in South Phoenix and he has his uncle to thank for saving his life.

The victim is an 18-month-old little boy. He is at St. Joseph's Hospital in critical condition. Nobody knows what provoked the attack.

Two Rottweilers had the baby pinned under a trampoline. Family members carried the child out of the backyard and set him on a car until an ambulance arrived as neighbors watched in horror.

Neighbors say the dogs would escape the yard once in a while, but were never aggressive. The dog's owners who are the baby's grandparents helped drag three of their five Rottweilers out of the yard and into Animal Control trucks.

The 18-month old victim visits his grandparents and their dogs often. Officers are not sure why the dogs mauled the little boy or why he was left alone outside with them.

Two of the dogs will be euthanized. The boy remains in critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital.