Man tries to lure boys and parents now on the lookout

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Parents on high alert

PHOENIX - Parents in a central Phoenix neighborhood are on the lookout for a man on a bike who they say is trying to lure young boys away using a tree swing down the street as bait.

The reason why one mom wishes not to be identified is because she says, "It makes my heart pound thinking about it."

It first happened Wednesday night to her 9-year-old son who was outside riding his rip stick. Luckily she saw it all unfold from inside the kitchen. She admits, "I'm in awe that this man seems to be coaxing my son down the street."

By the time she got outside the boy was already three doors and then five doors down. "I yell 'Stop stop, come back' I'm waving my arms, I motion come back." Finally her son heard her and returned while the man took off.

Later speaking with neighbors it turns out the same man tried the same thing with two other young boys. That family tried to follow and catch the man but he got away.

The concerned parent says, "It's very alarming, I guess he's still out there and still employing these aggressive tactics and it worries me."

Police are investigating and warn, "We need as a parents to be sure our children understand stranger danger and it doesn't hurt to test them once in a while." Police also say it is a concern the entire community needs to take seriously. A police spokesperson tells 3TV, "If you have a child in your neighborhood someone approaches, as an adult, don't be afraid to go up and help that child, ask if everything is okay here." When in doubt, just call police.

Police are investigating but witnesses describe the suspect as a white man in his 50s or 60s with gray hair, balding and about 200 pounds. He was last seen on a turquoise bike with a black bag or box on the back.

If you have any information you are urged to call police.