Teen girl possibly kidnapped in Glendale, taken in gold SUV

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Police give details on possible kidnapping

GLENDALE -- According to Glendale Police, a credible witness saw the following incident occur around 3:25pm:

A 16-17 year old white female with shoulder length blonde hair, white shirt and pink capri pants was walking southbound on 47th Avenue, south of Bethany Home Road when a gold 2006 to 2008 Jeep Liberty pulled up from the south, crossed traffic and stopped by the girl.

A black male, about 18-20 years of age got out, grabbed her, and forced her into the Jeep. As he returned to the driver's seat, the girl was seen trying to get out of the car, but was evidently held by a second subject in the back.

The Jeep made a U-turn and left southbound on 47th Avenue.

The black male was wearing a white hat, a long white T shirt and unknown color jeans.

Police believe this is a real kidnapping, but are also considering the possibility that this could be a teen prank, a boyfriend/girlfriend incident, or even a family matter.

However, the possibility of a kidnapping is too great to simply ignore.

Police are anxious to determine, if possible, if this is a serious crime, or something far less sinister.

The Glendale Police are asking for anyone with information to call the Glendale Police at 623-930-3000.