Father says God, Satan made him kill wife and daughter

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Man accused of killing family after 'possession'

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GLENDALE - A father is accused of taking the lives of his own daughter and wife.

The Glendale woman and her daughter were killed early Saturday morning and the woman's young son is fighting for his life.

It all happened in a neighborhood near 77th Avenue and Missouri, just north of Camelback.

According to the police report the husband and father, Michael Miller, 29, began arguing with his wife about sleeping.

Miller told police his wife threatened him with a kitchen knife, which he grabbed and began stabbing her with.

When his daughter and son walked into the room he began attacking them.

In the early morning hours after the stabbing a 911 call came from the house where the family lived.

The husband and father, Michael Miller, 29, called police and then waited for officers at the door.

Inside, they found Miller's wife Adriana, 28, and the couple's 10-year-old daughter both dead. Their four-year-old son was also found in the family's home critically wounded.

Police have Miller in custody.

Miller told police he is bi-polar and schizophrenic.

Police believe he acted alone in killing his wife and daughter.

The lone survivor of the attack is the couple's son who is still in the hospital, after being flown there Saturday in critical, but stable condition.

The police report indicated there was a previous history of domestic violence.