Burglaries up in west Valley but simple tips can protect you

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Tips to keep burglars away

PEORIA - Heads up west Valley homeowners because burglars have been very busy in two parts of Peoria.

Those areas are between 67th Avenue and 87th Avenue from Cactus to Thunderbird and between 91st and 107th Avenues from Peoria Avenue to Northern Avenue.

This is the time of year many love to let the fresh air in but when you leave windows and doors open, the bad guys come in also.

Mike Tellef of the Peoria Police dept. showed 3TV some ways you can protect your castle.

One thing bad guys love is open garage doors. All doors can be easy marks so you should use dead bolt locks and make sure areas near your windows are not good hiding spots.

Burglars also hate outside lights. Little things such as keeping gates locked and tools put away also persuade burglars to move on.

Also don't forget Fido, no matter how friendly, is not a burglar's best friend.

Some windows have pins in the runners, so they can only be opened so much, which may be too little for a burglar to slip in.

Nevertheless, don't even think about sleeping with it open because where there's a will, a bad guy will find a way.