Man orchestrated school bus vandalisms to make money

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Valley glass company owner indicted

SCOTTSDALE - A man was busted and is now behind bars for allegedly breaking school bus windows in order to make a buck replacing them.

It happened in 2007 and now police say they have caught and indicted the culprit.

Surveillance footage show vandals striking and smashing dozens of school bus windows and now, almost two years later, police say they have proof of a conspiracy.

Police say a Valley man orchestrated a scheme to rip off the Scottsdale School District. Troy Volberg, 34, is accused of breaking school bus windshields knowing that, as a sub-contractor for the district, he would get paid to fix them.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas says, "Volberg hired people allegedly to smash the windows." Now he is indicted on 12 felony counts.

Surveillance cameras caught some of the vandals on two separate occasions smashing 149 school bus windows, 70 in April 2007 and then 79 in August of the same year.

Dan Shearer with the Scottsdale School District, says, "A lot of students weren't able to get to school that day. It upset them, the families, our whole community."

Police say Volberg's company, Tri State Glass, made more than $130,000 off of the April repairs, but in August his bill was almost twice that so the district refused to pay and instead called police.

Volberg was arrested but released pending further investigation.

Scottsdale Police spokesperson John Cocca explains, "A number of people had to be interviewed, number of bank records and subpoenas had to be issued."

Thomas says all of those documents, "Pointed to Mr. Volberg as the head of conspiracy."

Now to prevent any future vandalism, the school district says it has increased security. Shearer says, "Put up addition fencing in areas, more lights, raised the fence higher in places so more difficult to get than before. So this really is a good day for us to bring some closure to this."

Volberg is accused of a similar scheme at VMC Enterprises in Buckeye. That is where 22 trucks had their windshields broken, also in 2007.

The county attorney says three others have been indicted but not yet served. In the meantime police wonder if there are any other victims out there.