Controversy over cross at community center

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CAMP VERDE - Should there be a Christian cross hanging in a public building?


Religious symbol causing uproar in Camp Verde -'s Tyler Baldwin reports Camp Verde leaders took down a cross hanging on the wall of a gov't building, saying it violated separation of church and state.

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The controversy is happening in Camp Verde north of the Valley. The cross has been taken down, but lots of folks want it put back up gain.

Protesters started to gather during the afternoon to show council members that they are not happy that the cross was taken down.

The cross was hanging in a community center and it was put there by Bread of Life, a faith-based organization that helps feed the hungry once a week. On Easter, during an Easter egg hunt put on by the town, a woman saw the cross and felt the cross infringed on her constitutional rights and asked that it be removed.

A legal team from America's for Separation of Church and State wrote city officials, warning that the cross was illegal and it should be taken down.

Protesters say it has been there for years and it never hurt anyone.

3TV was told that Bread of Life, the original organization that put that cross up, they still put it up once a week when they feed the hungry in the community center. The rest of the time it is taken down from the wall. After consulting with a lawyer, the Council decided to keep it this way.