Woman says insurance company won't pay for storm damage

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When a woman's home was destroyed by recent monsoon storms, she thought her insurance would take care of the damage. But as 3 On Your Side found out, that didn't happen.

This story is the reason I love insurance companies. Viewers write 3 On Your Side all the time concerning problems they're having with their insurance company.

Sometimes it's health insurance, car insurance -- you name it. This time it's home insurance.

"It's so unbelievable," Karen Palubinski said. "This whole situation is so farfetched I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it."

Palubinski is at a loss. She purchased her new home back in March and says it was literally destroyed when a huge storm rolled into the Valley.

"I was definitely freaking out, running all over the house trying to suck up the water that was coming in," she said.

Palubinski says water from the storm was coming in from all directions -- even from the roof.

"That's the a/c vent and it had like a waterfall," she said.

That's because Palubinski says a piece of her neighbor's house came crashing down on hers.

"The porch flew over my house and took out my air conditioner," she said.

The monstrous storm eventually stopped, but Palubinski says her home was left in disrepair, forcing her to live in a hotel for weeks now.

"I don't have electricity and I have a hole in my roof and no carpet," she said. "My poor cute house."

It's a good thing Palubinski has home insurance and has been paying her premiums, right? Well, wrong, because Palubinski says her insurance company, Homesite Indemnity, couldn't care less about her damaged home.

"They're very much not responding," she said.

Palubinski claims Homesite Indemnity won't give her the authorization to get her house fixed.

"They're saying they're not going to cover hotel stay because it's classified as livable because it's not burned to the ground or condemned," she said.

But Palubinski says with temperatures reaching nearly 100 degress inside and with no electricity to even plug in a fan, she says there's no way it's livable and that's why she's been forced to pay out of pocket for a hotel.

"We're in our extreme season right now in the summer and I'm melting," she said. "If I put my grandma or dog in this house I'd go to jail because they'd die."

So, Palubinski decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"They're just completely falling short," she said. "I'm not getting any support and I just don't know what to do anymore."

3 On Your Side is experiencing the same problems with Homesite Indemnity that Palubinski is. We have called the company numerous times and we have faxed them. Out of all of our attempts we did get one person to call us back once but after they left a voicemail, we have been unable to speak to anyone.

Even Palubinski's insurance agent is not responding.

However, after we began poking around, Palubinski tells us they have authorized her a/c to be repaired, but that's it for now.