DPS photo-radar vans off the roads, tickets in question

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PHOENIX -- Two Department of Public Safety photo-enforcement vans have been taken out of service and the tickets issued from them could be in question.

Cases dismissed, fines refunded?

According to an Arizona newspaper, the vans were operating under a year-old pilot program. They were monitoring speeds on parts of state highways where the accident rates are high.

American Traffic Solutions, which handles Valley speed and red-light cameras, complained to the Federal Communications Commission that the radar units on those DPS vans, which are operated by a competing company, did not have required government certification.

The vans were taken off the roads earlier this month. They will not be put back into service until they get the needed federal approval.

DPS has not said how many tickets were issued based on the vans' operations. It's also not clear if those cases will be dismissed and fines refunded to drivers.

Competition among companies like American Traffic and Redflex Systems, which ran the DPS vans, is fierce as they vie for law-enforcement contracts throughout the country.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.