Contractor returns money to Sun City couple

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SUN CITY -- We have a follow-up about a Sun City couple who claim they got ripped off for $3,000.

Donna Hicks and Harold Campbell paid for a paint job up-front, not all of it, but they did pay half, around $3,000.

The contractor never did any work, but he told me he would return the money.

So did he?

Hicks and Campbell are a lot happier today.

"We're happy because we just never dreamed we would ever get this money back," Hicks said.

The money they're talking about is $3,100.

The couple claim that in April they gave that money as half of a down payment to David Cain, who was supposed to stucco and paint their Sun City home.

But after taking the money, he never showed up to do the work.

"He seemed so honest," Hicks said. "He wrote up this beautiful proposal, walked around and said, 'Now this is what we're going to do."

3 On Your Side got a hold of Cain on the phone and asked him why he never did any work even though he took $3,000.

He promised me he would return the money.

And you know what? After 3 On Your Side got involved, Cain did return all of the money by giving the couple a cashier's check.

It's money they thought they would never see again.

Hicks and Campbell say they have learned a very important lesson -- never pay a contractor that much money up-front again.