CPS: 9-y.o. boy forced to live in closet by grandparents

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Boy and sibling are in CPS custody

TUCSON - An elderly Tucson couple is accused of keeping their 9-year-old grandson in a closet.

The boy had a sleeping bag and not much else. Child Protective Services found out when his grandmother took him for a health check-up.

Behind the doors of a quiet home, detectives made a disturbing discovery. A 9-year-old boy told them he spends most of his time in a small, dark closet in his grandmother's bedroom.

It is an unbearable thought for Muntz Miranda and his three daughters. "To think that right across the street from where I live at, that something like that would actually happenit's pretty sad."< /p>

The 9-year-old boy only weighed 48 pounds and it was also discovered that he cannot read or write. The closet the young boy was living in was 49 inches deep and 41 inches wide, roughly the size of a small closet.

Detectives say the boy's grandparents, Larry and Becky Tortellet, have only lived in Tucson since December. Prior to moving there they lived in several other states including Texas.

Investigators say the couple has had contact before with law enforcement and Child Protective Services in other states.

The young boy does have an 8-year--old brother. Detectives say he appears to be in good condition and does attend school.

Both boys are now in CPS custody.