Dieteman: Hausner and I pretended to help shooting victim

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PHOENIX - A man who admitted participating in some of metropolitan Phoenix's Serial Shooter attacks says he and his roommate returned to the scene of a shooting they had carried out so they could act like they were giving aid to the victim.

Samuel Dieteman, whose former roommate Dale Hausner is on trial in the attacks, says Hausner fired a shotgun from his car at a stranger in west Phoenix and doubled back to see whether the man was dead. The victim survived.

Dieteman says he and Hausner then walked to the scene and told police they lived in a nearby apartment and were there looking for a lost cat. The two were arrested two months later.

Hausner's attorney says Dieteman is providing faulty information in hopes of avoiding execution.

PHOENIX -- A man who admitted participating in some of metropolitan Phoenix's Serial Shooter cases says he can't explain why murder suspect Dale Hausner carried out the random attacks.

Day 2 of Dieteman testimony

Samuel Dieteman told jurors at Hausner's murder trial Wednesday that the pair laughed at a man who had just been shot with a shotgun by Hausner in May 2006.

Later that night, Dieteman says he fatally shot a pedestrian in Scottsdale and that Hausner became jealous when the crime was reported in the news media.

Hausner, Dieteman's former roommate, is on trial on charges of killing eight people and attacking 20 others from 2005 to 2006. He has denied involvement in the killings. His attorney says Dieteman is providing faulty information in hopes of avoiding the death penalty.

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Dieteman: I saw Dale Hausner kill woman

PHOENIX -- A convicted murderer says he was present when his roommate fatally shot a woman who was one of eight people killed in metropolitan Phoenix's Serial Shooter attacks.

Escorted into the court room in hand cuffs and leg restraints, the prosecution's star witness Samuel Dieteman took the stand.

When questioned about his confession to the shooting spree that terrorized the Valley for months in 2005 and 2006, he said the more he told detectives the better he felt.

"I just had so much going on emotionally at the time, I had just every feeling from scared, to nervous to glad everything was over." sais Dieteman on the stand.

Eight people were killed in that shooting spree and dozens more injured.

Dieteman has already pled guilty for the murders of Robin Blasnek and Claudia Gutierrez-Cruz.

He also agreed to testify against his former roommate and friend.

Testimony clip:

Prosecution: "Mr. Dieteman did you shot and kill Claudia Gutierrez-Cruz?"

Dieteman: "Yes sir I did."

Prosecution: "Were you present when Robin Blasnek was shot and killed?"

Dieteman: "Yes I was."

Prosecution: "Who shot her?"

Dieteman: "The defendant Dale Hausner."

Dale hausner is on trail for 87 charges including eight counts of first degree murder.

Dieteman explained to the jury that the two had only been friends for a few months before the killing spree started.

He lived with Dale's brother Jeff and later moved in with Dale Hausner.

Dieteman says alcohol and meth played major rolls in his life at the time of the killing spree.

"Looking back on it now, after a couple of years of being sober, (inaudible) horrible alcoholic, drunk everyday." recalls Dieteman.

Dieteman was only on the stand for about an hour before the judge called it a day. Then Dieteman walked out of the courtroom the same way he came in-- shackled in handcuffs.