UPDATE: Man rescued from burning semi and hero talk to 3TV

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Victim's family calling man an 'angel'

PHOENIX - A man trapped inside a burning truck on Interstate 10 is recovering at Maricopa Medical Center.

His arms, legs, and face are covered in burns, but he says he would not even be alive without the help of the man his family members are calling their angel.

Nick Comione is the man everyone is hailing a hero. In the burn unit at Maricopa Medical he met Jose Monges, a man who would not be here without Nick's heroic actions Friday morning.

Jose was trapped inside an inferno on Interstate 10. He says he had given up hope when Nick used a pipe to bash out the windshield, allowing him to escape.

Jose's family members cannot say enough about Nick's quick thinking and bravery.

Jose still is not sure how he was able to climb out of the truck after Nick broke the window. Jose's wife thinks he had some help.

The couple had a son who died who was also named Nick. It was a life-changing experience for both men who say they plan to keep in touch.

Nick left the hospital Monday night saying he was happy to help on Friday and flattered by all the recognition. Doctors expect Jose to be released in about a week.