AZ lawmaker in hot seat for email response to student

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Sen. to apologize to student

PHOENIX - An Arizona lawmaker is in the hot seat after scoffing at an email from a student.

State Senator Linda Gray now says, "I have apologized and I want to make this up to Ana." She is on the hot seat and is publically apologizing to a Valley high school student.

The controversy began when a 15-year-old freshman at Sunnyslope High School sent Sen. Gray an email. In it she addresses concerns over possible budget cuts to her school. The email contains numerous grammar errors that did not sit well with Sen. Gray, who says, "It was the run-on sentences. There was never a period or a comma or capital letters in her email.

Sen. Gray emailed the student and, ironically, her response also contains a grammar error. She wrote, "Ana, I have grave concerns on your ability to pass the AIMS language test. Why didn't you take to time to write an email with the proper punctuation?" Now she admits, "Yes, I made a mistake as we all do."

The senator's email goes on to say: "By your poorly written email, your example tells me that all the money we have spent on your education shows a lack of learning on your part."

It did not take long for Sen. Gray to receive countless emails from teachers and students. One teacher wrote: "Your response to her was completely deflating. She actually felt a need to apologize to you for not being smart."

Sen. Gray explains, "That was when I went back and read my email and thought that was the wrong thing to do."

Sen. Gray plans to apologize in person next week.