Alleged Olympics scam website lists offices in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- The International Olympic Committee went to a federal judge Monday and won its request to shut down a supposed Olympics Web site that appears to have Phoenix ties.

Offices vacant, phone unanswered

The site -- -- is a suspected scam that has netted crooks more than $50 million. The IOC said it has received complaints about the site from hundreds of victims all over the world.

An Australian woman told the Los Angeles Times that she paid more than $60,000 for tickets to the Beijing Games, but never received the tickets.

She asked friends who live in Phoenix to check out the site's listed offices at 24th Street and Camelback Road. Those offices were vacant, and the phone number on the domain registration information, which has a country code for the United Kingdom, went unanswered.

The IOC shut down a similar Web site -- -- on July 23.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the operators of the scam are believed to be in Britain and The Netherlands. They reportedly had opened two main Web sites, and registered more than 200 domains.

Olympic organizers in Beijing and the Australian Olympic Committee told the Herald there is nothing they can do to compensate victims of the scam. According to the Herald, the IOC said that neither it nor any national committee could be held liable for tickets purchased on fraudulent sites.

The FBI is investigating.