Arizona university presidents propose tuition surcharge

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TUCSON - All three state universities are proposing tuition surcharges to help make up for cuts in their state funding.

The University of Arizona in Tucson is asking for a $1,000 per year "economic recovery surcharge" that would be in place for at least two years. That would bump tuition to more than $7,000 a year for in-state students.

Northern Arizona University is telling the state Board of Regents it will need at least $435 more in tuition, and up to $1,200 if federal stimulus money is not used.

Arizona State University officials haven't laid out a specific surcharge amount, saying it depends on federal money and the depth of state cuts. It is also proposing fee hikes.

A Board of Regents task force is set to discuss the proposals on Thursday.

Universities dealing with budget cuts

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX -- Students at the state's three universities might need to find even more ways to afford tuition, books and room and board this year.

State budget cuts have left the schools with big gaps to fill and now school officials are trying to figure out how to close those gaps until the economy begins to recover.

On Tuesday, the universities' presidents will go before the Board of Regents to discuss a tuition surcharge.

The universities have already increased tuition and fees for the fall 2009 semester.

A proposal could go before the board as early as next month.