Brewer's office tries to resolve stimulus delay

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PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer's office says $436 million in federal stimulus money for education should arrive in the coming weeks after state officials spoke with federal authorities about a delay in sending the money to Arizona.

Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman says the result of a Thursday conference call between state officials and federal authorities was that the state will provide extra paperwork that will lead to the transfer of stimulus money to the state.

If the additional paperwork is submitted next week, the $186 million for higher education and $250 million for K-12 schools could arrive in Arizona within a few weeks.

The state was approved for the funding in June, but hadn't yet received, so it provided $250 million to school districts for operations.

Senseman says federal officials were concerned that the state was using stimulus money to backfill holes in the state budget. Stimulus dollars must be used for their dedicated purposes and can't be used to patch up other areas of the state's budget.

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