6 Y.o. child saves his family from house fire

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Boy saved brother first

TEMPE -- Most six-year-old boys have a favorite super-hero. But to his family, Ervin Rodriquez is the hero.

Tuesday night, Ervin woke up to find smoke and flames in the bedroom that he and his 3-year-old brother share.

And the brave boy knew exactly what to do.

"I woke my dad up and my mom up" says Ervin, sounding raspy from his injuries but doing well.

The family was able to get outside moments before the flames took over their home.

Ervin was taken to Banner Children's Hospital for respiratory distress from breathing in all that smoke.

"When he came to the emergency room he was cover with soot, the entire body." says his doctor.

He was placed on a tubal ventilation, but after three days the tube was finally taken out.

"I think he's gonna do very well. I think he's going to be able to be discharged in the next couple days from the hospital and be active and acting as a normal child" doctors say.

But to his family, Ervin is much more than just a normal child.

"That's why we're standing here. Because of him only. If not, I don't know" says Ervin's mom.

If you would like to donate to the Rodriquez family, go to any Bank of America and donate into account # 457009020948.