Newspaper doesn't send gift card woman was promised

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says "The Arizona Repubilc" made a big promise and never followed through.

The promise was a gift card.

Here's the deal. As a way to entice folks to subscribe to "The Arizona Republic," the paper offered a $15 gift card to try it.

Well, Jackie Niven says she held up her end of the bargain, but "The Arizona Republic" did not.

Niven says she and her husband like getting the news the old-fashioned way.

"My husband likes to read the newspaper on a Sunday when he's relaxing by the pool," she said. "You can't read the Internet by the pool so that's his Sunday treat, to read the paper."

And Niven, who just moved here from the United Kingdom, says she wanted the local scoop on things and figured "The Arizona Republic" might give her just that.

So when "The Arizona Republic" called offering Niven a gift card if she just tried out a subscription for a short time, she took the opportunity.

"That's what she said, 'You can cancel after the one month and still get the card," Niven said. "So we've got nothing to lose. The subscription was 17 something, the gift card was $15 so if I didn't like it, I had nothing to lose."

And Niven didn't like "The Arizona Republic" so she canceled, but that gift card she was promised never showed up.

"And I think I contacted them probably about a week ago and said, 'I still haven't received the card. Where is it?" Niven said. "And then they said, 'Oh no, you're not having one."

Not getting one? Wait a minute, the gift card promotion was the primary reason Niven even subscribed.

"I contacted 3 On Your Side because of the frustration that 'The Arizona Republic' was dismissing my requests when I clearly had it in writing that they would do a $15 gift card," Niven said.

In a statement to 3 on your side, "The Arizona Republic writes:

"This matter was due to an oversight on the part of a customer service representative. A gift card was mailed to Jackie Niven today. Her satisfaction, like that of all our customers, is critically important to us."

And that's good news for Niven.

By the way, Niven is not the only person who has complained about not getting their gift card from "The Arizona Republic."

Hopefully, now that we brought the issue to the newspaper's attention, they'll stay on top of it.